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Creditors of Colorado LLC Have No Standing to Sue Members Who Received Unlawful Distribution

The Colorado LLC Act prohibits an insolvent LLC from making a distribution to a member. Insolvency is defined as the LLC’s liabilities exceeding its assets, with minor exceptions. Colo. Rev. Stat. § 7-80-606. The Act also mandates that a member who receives a distribution and who knows at the time that the LLC is insolvent … Continue Reading

Iowa Court Denies Request by Holders of LLC Charging Orders for Quarterly Financials

Several judgment creditors obtained charging orders against their debtors’ interests in three LLCs, along with an order requiring the LLCs to provide quarterly cash flow statements. The LLCs objected to disclosure of their quarterly cash flows, and on appeal the Iowa Court of Appeals found that there was no statutory authority for the required disclosure … Continue Reading

Appointment of Receiver Upheld for Delaware LLC

The appointment of a receiver is one of the oldest equitable remedies. A receiver can receive, preserve, and manage property and funds, and even take charge of an operating business, as directed by the court. Appointing a receiver is a powerful remedy, not undertaken lightly by the courts. The Delaware Court of Chancery in September … Continue Reading